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Pet Closures

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Why Choose Ardalhemma

Ardalhemma specializes in the experience of sophisticated injection molds and molded parts. The company was founded in 2004, since when we have been able to look back on several decades of success. As a result, we can proudly claim that we combine extensive experience and versatile skills with a future-oriented culture of innovation. We are fully committed to the “Made in Ardal Hemma” label and guarantee the highest standards together with reliable delivery. Why choose us?
Short lead times
We have the capacity to deliver all domestic.
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We offer an extensive range of molds for PET preforms, plastic bottle blowing machines. And for anything that isn't standard, we will make the molds to match your specifications.
Desing and Redesing
In Ardal Hemma’s Graphics Department, we make the required changes and improvements to the package according to our customers’ needs.
Service Around The Iraq
Our After-Sales Service team are real experts. They are responsible for quality control

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